The Road Outside The Nest

The road to Ponos

After a few days of peaceful walking, as the sun was setting, Brander started noticing black feathers along the roadside. as the group moved further the feathers started being placed into the ground in such a way as to be standing. Due to an unease with the legends of this area the group decides to move forward through the night, when they find the road blocked by three shadowy figures in the road. While they prepare for battle, the figures start charging towards them. Gilan shot one of them in the shoulder, but they kept coming closer. Brander heard something behind him and turned in time to launch a blast of electricity at what looked to be a large bird causing it to become stunned. Upon a closer look when it had landed he saw that it was a man. (Crawson) He moved closer and prepared for a fight but he wound up hearing Crawson whisper: “Faresh, Jorveth, Your turn.” and proceeded to slash Brander across the chest, then stab him in the side, after which he flew off towards the forest simply saying: “till we meet again honorable warrior” and licking the blood from his blades.

As the three sprinters got up to the group to start fighting, a shadowy form swooped by and snatched the crippled prisoner they had with them and took him off towards the forest.

As the battle went on, Hermod once again tried to aid in the fight, showing his worth and trustworthiness, though he is still bound. as the battle was ending, Gilan got one last good shot off, catching one of the first three soldiers in the knee. He then saw a flag of peace heading towards them from The Nest. To the great dismay of Brander they went and had peace talks with the man carrying the flag: Darian. on their way, Gilan also helped the person he shot in the knee to walk back to his people on his wounded leg, learning the man was a newlywed and that after this shift he was supposed to go on his honeymoon.

The peace talks went rather well, as Darian explained that they steal from travellers on the road for sake of surviving and as a way to get back at their government for its corrupt ways. He then offered the group a place with him and his men should they want it. after they politely declined, he gave them a feather of his own wings as a sign of peace to allow them safe passage along his section of the road and through his forest should they ever need it.

The group then went back to the road, made camp, and slept in peace knowing they now were safe under the watch of friends.


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