Visiting the Bear Tale

The road to Ponos

The next week or so passed for the group in relative peace, which helped as they were recuperating from the wounds of their last encounter. Hermod learned a few new words in the common tongue, mostly by way of frequent requests being rebutted with disdain, while Gilan and Brander were running short on patience. Thus at midday when they saw the Bear Tale Inn it was a welcome sight allowing thoughts of respite. As they entered they heard the nagging voice of an old Jewish woman yelling “Welcome, Are you here for Beer, Board or a Bite?”, but when they looked the voice was coming from a middle age bearded dwarf behind the bar. Gilan mentioned Board and a bite, then as an afterthought realizing his need of thirst, he requested a beer as well. The proprietor continued by introducing himself: “I am James Bearton, owner of this fine establishment, how many rooms for you and did you want the bare tail special with any of them?” As the group looked around, debating they saw five tables with chairs for eight at each, up front was a bar that came up to Mr. Bearton’s chin, with two stools, and occasionally they saw a few different elvish and human women moving from behind the bar to the kitchens and back. Gilan asked “What’s the Bear Tale special?” Bearton replied: “The Bare Tail special is choosing one of these fine women to be sure you find your room to be as accommodating as you want it.” Gilan, looked at his cloak, the symbol of his authority, and simply said “Really?”. As suddenly Brander had a look of dawning realization. Then he raised an eyebrow as he looked at Gilan. Mr. Bearton simply said “Really what sir? Many of your fellow Arrows and many more of YOUR fellow soldiers (gesturing at Brander) have enjoyed the Bare Tale special, as there is nothing wrong with offering extra accommodations with the companionship of one of my ladies for the evening.” Gilan replied: “It is against the laws of the land for you to have a person pay for the extra accommodations of the company of another person.”
“Actually sir Arrow, the laws state, you may not charge for sexual acts, and say nothing of fellowship or companionship or warming of your bed.”
“So, if i went in the back room, and asked your employees there would be no issues brought up as to the arrangements you’ve been making? and remember, it is not in your best interest to lie to an Arrow of The Council.” Asked Gilan
James Bearton looked a little nervous as he started to lick his lips and said: “Now Good sir Arrow, we don’t have to make a big to do about this, i can simply offer you the room or rooms you were after at a discounted rate.” as sweat started to drip down his head.
Gilan Replied: " here is the deal I will make you, I have to pass back by here on my return from the capital, if i come back through and there is still any trace of your extra accommodations then I WILL return again with a TROOP of soldiers and we Will thoroughly search your back room and question ALL of your employees."
Bearton “yes sir”
As Brander looked at Gilan and asked " you WILL bring me with for that, right?"
Gilan looked at him, “If you wish”
then turning back to Bearton proceeded to figure out pricing for the rooms and settled on two rooms, one for himself and one for Hermod and Brander to share so Brander could keep an eye on his “Convict.”
The group stayed for the night and the next morning Gilan bid a polite goodbye to Bearton reminding him of his deadline, while Brander reminded him “We’ll be back” and Hermod mockingly said “Silence” since he had finally learned it after having been told it so many times. As the door closed behind them Bearton breathed a sigh of relief and they headed off to Varentia.


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