The Prisoner Escort

The road to Ponos

The Viking Hermod from the Tyrson Tribe was on a raid against the village of Renu when he was captured by the honorable Arrow of the Council: Gilan, who then per custom enlisted the soldier: Brander from the garrison of Renu to aid him in transporting the prisoner to Ponos.

After three days of dealing with the difficulties of language barriers and more, the group was confronted by five bandits, who apparently had no knowledge of who they were dealing with, and decided to try demanding a toll for the use of “their road”.

Gilan rapidly lost patience with their idiocy and shot the leader through the center of his face, as Brander moved forward and beheaded a second bandit. two who had the road flanked, loosed arrows and failed to hit their mark before seeing the carnage inflicted upon their companions and fleeing. the final bandit turned to run and tripped and fell only to be pinned to the ground by his genitals thanks to an arrow loosed by Gilan. He is now a prisoner as well, and the attack seems to have started to have the three original travelers better tolerating each others company.


JackFrost907 JackFrost907

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