James Bearton

Owner of the Bear Tale Tavern and Brothel (Now due to illegalities, the taveern and Burlesque)


The Bear Tail is a short way outside of Varentia, right before the bridge. a rest stop for the rich and common alike, it has a good reputation for having anything you need after a long trek on the road.(if anything you need is Beer, Board, and a Bite, according to James) a rather jovial dwarf, he likes to make light of all who enter though all know that the privacy of his patrons is a top priority, those who have abused the privacy of others or have insulted their host are often found in Deimos within a few weeks, missing preferred appendages.


James is a stout 5’2" and bald of head with beard of red, he enjoys most all patrons he encounters, but thrives well enough he has no fear of informing folks when they are patrons no more.

James Bearton

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