Chief Tyrson

The Strong and Charismatic Chief of the Tyrson Tribe


Chief Tyrson was raised by the family of the previous chief of the Tyrson Tribe though, no one else knew that he was the bastard son of the previous chief who had broken sacred dwarven laws that transcend all other laws for their people and sacrificed the continuation of his soul in the cycle of rebirth in order to beget a child. Being it was with an elf who had claimed his heart and subsequently died in childbirth, his child is a cross blood and was raised as a dwarven child in the village. Being the stone shapers almost never carve out children, when one is carved it is considered a blessing and given the utmost care. Having been raised as though he were a natural carved son to the Chief, he took his rightful place as Chief when he was of age. He has shown great people skills as well as full capabilities of a warrior and proven himself many a time over as a leader in his years as Chief. Presently as all chiefs before him he rules as fairly as he can while making raids on the mainlands and using those raids to provide for his people.


Chief Tyrson

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