Attack at Varentia!!!

The road to Ponos

About a day after the group left Mr. Bearton to start cleaning up his act, they made it to The city of Varentia. Gilan and Brander noticed a disturbing lack of travelers on the road to the city, and as they arrived at the gates, they saw that the Southern wall had smoke rising from the watchtower and as they walked around to that side of the city they could see the ships of the Tyrson Tribe off the coast and the massive hole that had been dug in the wall…

As Hermod took in the scenery Brander asked: “Friends of yours?”
Hermod replied by hiding behind his helmet as he pulled it over his eyes almost in shame. Brander drew his sword preparing for a fight. Then grabbed Hermod’s bonds and started trying to drag him towards a tree and managed to move him all of half an inch before he stopped saying “me do nothing, me do nothing!” in the direction of Gilan." In frustration as Hermod maintained resisting, Brander growled in frustration; “You will come here or you will I will stab you!” Hermod remained unmoved and again said: “Me Do Nothing!”
Brander looked to Gilan who had started moving towards the town and leaving them behind and said “Fine! You may be useful.” and started marching after Gilan while still leading Hermod by his bonds.

When Gilan and his companions reached the wall they found that the smoke they had seen in the distance was in fact the city burning and Gilan turned and headed towards the four Tyrson ships instead followed by Brander and Hermod (who was protesting “please no!”)
Brander looked back at him “Shut up!”
“You shut up!” retorted Hermod with a laugh.
Brander stabbed at Hermod, who tensed and knicked him in the shoulder.
“Me Do Nothing.” Hermod said forcefully as he gestured towards Gilan who was getting further away.
Brander stepped slowly forward… “Let me be clear: I am going to kill these invaders, and you prisoner, are going to help me.”
Hermod looked over to Gilan and tried to head that way, but Brander said “Stop! You’ll be no use to us bound like that.” and he proceeded to cut Hermod free. Then both started to head after Gilan, who had stopped about 50 feet in front of the boats.
Gilan looked over the ships and noticed that all four had spaces for 15 oars per side and from what he could see there were approximately 5 people left to man each ship.

He raised his bow and took aim to shoot the man nearest the mast. Being the expert marksman that he is, He put the arrow perfectly through the mans throat killing him before he could even release a scream. He swiftly knocked another arrow, moved a bit to his left, and did it again without even blinking. Then knocked a third and moved again but the wind caught this arrow and the man was caught in the stomach this time, managing to yell and start an alarm being raised about the ships and in turn a man raising a horn to his lips on the third ship away and blowing freely. At this point Gilan’s companions have just reached him and while Brander is looking back at the city, Hermod taps Gilan on the shoulder and points to the third ship and says Chief in the Tyr language. Gilan nods as he moves closer to the ship and fires his arrow at the man with the horn. Causing the man to choke to death deapthroating a now horny arrow, and leaving Hermod jaw droppingly stunned. Then Hermod snapped out of it and started heading to the city as Brander did the same.
as they headed out Gilan continued hunting the people remaining on the ships till all four were clear, then went up to each ship and started to search and sabotage each.

Brander and Hermod ran to the city walls, and upon entering the large hole they found there Hermod looked at Brander and said “Me do thing, please no talk.”
Brander obliged but maintained a close watch over the once prisoner. While motioning for Brander to remain stealthy, Hermod started to call out in Tyr: “Chief? Chiiieef?”
While there was no reply, in the distance both could hear the sounds of battle and cries both for help and of rage. Hermod shared in Tyr: “Oh! I know that sound, that’s the sound of the innocent… it doesn’t usually last long.” Ignoring him, Brander headed towards the nearest guard post to attempt to find a superior in order to get orders for how he could be of the most help to the situation. Meanwhile Hermod went towards the loudest sounds of fighting and ends up mildly lost down a dead end, and stumbled his way into an abandoned blacksmiths shop and found the back room on fire, though it had not spread to the front shop as of yet.

Brander found the Guard post with no trouble and sure enough, it was being used as a base of operations in the fight against the vikings, and the Captain of the Guard for that district (The Market District), Captain Pelonus, was barking out orders to have the few guards left besure to aid in the primary objective of evacuating civilians and getting them outside the walls to move on the road to Ponos, and beyond that, to work towards taking back their district and forcing those filthy savages back to their ships and off our shores.
Brander said " Yes Sir!" Captain Pelonus said " Good to see another able bodied friendly fighter, we need all the help we can get." then he moved away to talk to a man who had just entered the post wearing the cloak of an Arrow of the Council.


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